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Beer is simply too delicious to remain undiscovered.
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How to taste beer

Learn how to taste beer and what you’re tasting for.

What beer is made from

From 4 ingredients, brewers can create 100+ styles.

How beer is made

From grain to glass in 4 steps.

Beer style exploration

With 100+ styles, there really is a beer out there for everyone.

Beer service and storage

Learn how to best care for beer once it leaves the brewery.

Virtual Beer School

Virtual Beer School

Want to learn more about beer and show what you know? Sign-up for Virtual Beer School, a 12-session interactive online prep course for the Cicerone® Certified Beer Server exam. The next course begins on January 13th, 2022.


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‘Beer is simply too delicious to remain undiscovered’

Natalya watson, Beer sommelier

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