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Beer is simply too delicious to remain undiscovered.
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How to taste beer

Learn how to taste beer and what you’re tasting for.

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From 4 ingredients, brewers can create 100+ styles.

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From grain to glass in 4 steps.

Beer style exploration

With 100+ styles, there really is a beer out there for everyone.

Virtual Beer School

Virtual Beer School

Want to learn more about beer and show what you know? Sign-up for Virtual Beer School, a 12-session interactive online prep course for the Cicerone® Certified Beer Server exam. The next course begins on January 13th, 2022.


Discovering Beer is brought to you by Natalya Watson, a Beer Sommelier and Advanced Cicerone® passionate about sharing her knowledge of beer with others through tastings, her book, her podcast & more!

‘Beer is simply too delicious to remain undiscovered’

Natalya watson, Beer sommelier

Brought to you by Beer with Nat

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