What beer is made from

From 4 ingredients, brewers can create 100+ styles. Learn how.

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Beer Ingredient Overview: What is beer made from?

Most people know that wine is made from grapes and cider comes from apples, but what is beer made from? Start here to find out.

Beer Ingredient #1: Malt

Malt, also known as malted barley, is the main sugar source used in brewing. But it also gives beer much of its color and flavor. Learn how.

Beer Ingredient #2: Water

Did you know? Water makes up over 90% of an average pint of beer! And yes, it has a BIG impact on beer’s flavor. Find out more.

Beer Ingredient #3: Yeast

Without yeast, we wouldn’t have beer! We’d just have a glass of bittersweet liquid. By fermenting the sugars in that liquid, yeast makes beer. Discover how here.

Beer Ingredient #4: Hops

Often called the ‘spice’ of beer, hops give beer bitterness, aroma and flavor. Get to know all about hops here.

Other Beer Ingredients

While most beers are made with four ingredients, but some brewers don’t quite stop there… adding extra ingredients for even more flavour. Here are a few you might find.

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