Czech Premium Pale Lager

Glassware: Bavarian seidel
  • Czech Republic
  • Lager
  • ABV = 4.2 – 5.8% (Lower to normal)^
  • IBU = 30-45
  • SRM = 3.5-6
A gold-coloured Czech lager, with complex, yet well-balanced, malt and hop flavours.

More colour, malt richness, and body than German Pils with a softer, rounded finish.


  • Colour^ = Straw to gold
  • Clarity = Brilliant

Key Aromas & Flavours:

  • Malt = Moderate; bready-rich
  • Yeast = None (Optional: low level of diacetyl)
  • Hops = Moderate; spicy, floral, or herbal
  • Malt = Moderate; bready-rich, may contain a slight impression of caramel
  • Yeast = None (Optional: low level of diacetyl)
  • Hops = Moderate; floral and spicy
  • Perceived Bitterness^ = Pronounced
  • Balance = Well-balanced between complex malt flavours and a strong, but clean, bitterness

The long, rounded finish can be balanced towards hops or malt but is never aggressively tilted either way.


  • Body = Medium
  • Carbonation = Low to medium

Characteristic Ingredients/Processes:

  • Malt = Pilsner malt
  • Yeast = Czech lager yeast
  • Hops = Czech hop varietals
  • Other = Soft mineral-free water is best suited for this style
  • Process = Decoction mash is traditional

Historical Development:

Commonly associated with Pilsner Urquell, which was first brewed in 1842 in Pilsen, Czech Republic.  

In the Czech Republic, only Pilsner Urquell is called a Pilsner, despite how widely adopted this name is worldwide; hence the style name Czech Premium Pale Lager.

Commercial Examples:

Pilsner Urquell, Bernard Sváteční ležák, Gambrinus Premium

^Sourced from the Cicerone Certification Program’s International Certified Beer Server Syllabus.
All other information is sourced from the BJCP 2015 Style Guidelines.

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