American Blonde Ale

Glassware: Shaker pint
  • USA
  • Ale
  • ABV = 3.8 – 5.5% (Lower to normal)^
  • IBU = 15-28
  • SRM = 3-6

A gold-coloured American ale with subtle and well-balanced fruit, hop, and malt character.

Typically has more flavour than American Lager. Less bitterness than American Pale Ale.


  • Colour^ = Straw to gold
  • Clarity = Clear

Key Aromas & Flavours:

  • Malt = Low to moderate; malty sweet, lightly bready or caramelly
  • Yeast = None to moderate; fruity, if present
  • Hops = Low to moderate; citrusy, floral, fruity or spicy
  • Malt = Low; malty sweet (optional: bread, toast, biscuit, or wheat)
  • Yeast = None to moderate; fruity, if present
  • Hops = Low to moderate; citrusy, floral, fruity, or spicy
  • Perceived Bitterness^ = Moderate
  • Balance = Normally towards the malt, or even between malt and hops

Finishes medium-dry to slightly malty-sweet; any impression of sweetness is often due to a lower bitterness level than actual residual sweetness


  • Body = Medium; smooth
  • Carbonation = Medium to high

Characteristic Ingredients/Processes:

  • Malt = Two-row malt (may include up to 25% wheat malt)
  • Yeast = Clean American, lightly fruity English, or Kölsch ale yeast; may also be made with lager yeast, or cold-conditioned
  • Hops = Any hop varietals

Historical Development:

American craft beer alternative to standard American Lager, typically offered as an entry-level craft beer. Often produced by microbreweries and brewpubs who cannot produce lagers.

Commercial Examples:

Kona Big Wave Golden Ale, Victory Summer Love, Widmer Citra Summer Blonde Brew

^Sourced from the Cicerone Certification Program’s International Certified Beer Server Syllabus.
All other information is sourced from the BJCP 2015 Style Guidelines.

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